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Hmmm, It has been quite difficult for me to put together a Wish List. There are so many cels out there, which I could quite easily call a Wish List cel. I have tried to narrow it down to the best I can, to show my taste in Anime & The direction in which my gallery is focused.

The Main Focus of My Collection:
- Son Goku and both his sons, Son Gohan & Son Goten from DragonBall.
- Bardock, The legendary Super Saiya-jin, the father of Son Goku.
- The Z Warriors & Heroes from across DragonBall.

So if you have any cels of these charactors you wish to sell. Please let me know...?!
You never know, He or She might feel at home in my gallery.

The Wish List:

Click on attached images to enlarge.

Series/Description    Sample    Priority
1st Wish...
If I even managed to gather all of the seven dragonballs.. I would summon the eternal dragon and ask shenron to return my brother Cory Smith back to life.. That would be my ultimate wish.. I know he is enjoying himself training somewhere in otherworld, but he definitely left us too early and didn't get to meet my two sons.. And the fact that there is new movies & DragonBall Super.. I can only imagine your excitement.. Like you kept saying "Son Goku is a god" well you were right.. he's a super saiya-jin god, and his father Bardock survived & was the super saiya-jin of legend that frieza feared so much.. Oh and Vegeta has a brother.. Akira Toriyama must of finally heard your request.. Thank you bro.. But It's just not the same without you, miss you my brother. Will Give Kidney
I would really like a Rilezu cel of Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach. Maybe a portrait style cel of him or one with his soul sword, but I would be happy with any nice cel of him. Low
I still haven't been able to find a nice cel of Son Goku's saiyan warrior father... Bardock. I've always wanted a cel of him, so hopefully in the near future one comes my way. Very High
One from his final stand against Frieza would be amazing. Very High
The epic fusion of Son Goku & Vegeta from Movie 12.. Definite Wishlist! Very High
A nice portrait style cel of the North Kaioshin on his planet would be real cool. Especially if it was with Bubbles & Gregory. Medium
A nice cel of the turtle hermit Master Roshi. Medium
One in his black gi from second DBZ movie "The World's Strongest would be real cool. Medium
Mirai no Son Gohan: a nice cel of future Son Gohan from the History of Trunks ova, would be amazing. The DragonBall AF story line. High
Super Saiyan would be even better... High
Son Goku in his Blue Gi from the opening of the "Final Bout" playstation game. One of him fighting Vegeta would be perfect. Very High
Yeah I guess you could call this cel a Wishlist cel. I think it pretty much speaks for it self. Very High
From the end of Z, One of him wearing the t-shirt with "Goten son" on it. Very High
From the end of Z, when Goten is training with Goku. A cel from then would be amazing. High
From the end of Z.. Son Goten in his Orange Gi from the Tenkaichi Martial arts tournament. High
Worst Brotherly Spat... Son Goten vs. Son Gohan.. Cels, Genga & Douga from the episodes of the Baby Saga where Baby first takes over Son Goten, then Son Gohan & Finally Prince Vegeta. High
Last Saiyan's Standing.. Son Gohan & Son Goten from the end of DragonBall GT. Medium
The most powerful being in all of DragonBall.. High
A nice cel of the mysterious hero Tapion from movie 13. High
A portrait style cel of Tien in blue from his short apperance in GT. I've been chasing a cel of Tien from this scene for a while now, but can only ever recall seeing one which I was too slow on emailing... So I'll continue to keep an eye out. Very High
This amazing cel of Tien Shinhan from the 9th Dragonball Z movie "Bojack Unbound", from the scene where they announce the fighers who have qualified from the 1st round. I've seen this cel arround over the past years, but never seem to be able to get my hands on him... oh well, maybe one day. Very High
One of Tien in his brown robe, from his cameo during the Majin Buu saga. High
From DragonBall GT.. In casual attire & out of his traditional Saiyan armour. High
Super Saiyan even better... High
I would like a cel of each of the villains through out all the DragonBall series.. From the tyrants to the henchmen.. Frieza, Cell, Buu, Broly, Cooler, Raditz, Nappa, Zarbon, Rildo, Garlic Jr., Li Shen Long, Super #17, Janeba, Turles, ect. ect. even the fat fxck Dodoria lol. Low
I really would like to oneday have a nice Rilezu cel of Kaname Chidori. Just a nice cel, either a portrait style or maybe one of Sousuke & her together. Low
A nice Rilezu cel of Sousuke Sagara from any of the FMP series. Preferably from a memorable scene but I would be happy with any nice portrait style cel of him. Low
Any nice cels of InuYasha himself. He has definitely became a main focus of my collection. Medium
I would also oneday really like to get a nice cel of InuYasha & Kagome together. So hopefully sometime in the near future one comes my way. Low
I really would like a cel of Kenshin himself. When I first started collecting cels sometime ago. I passed up on a couple of cels from Kenshin, as I had only started collecting DragonBall at that stage. Now I haven't seen too many arround. But hopefully oneday. Very High

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Gallery Created: 12/9/2002
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